Fitness Equipment

Fitness Equipment

Push Up Bar

$400.00 $520.00

**Due to product size and in order to offer the most economical shipping option please add item to shipping quote and we will respond with final costs within 1-2 business hours. Simple yet effective..


Zig Zag Balance Beam

$416.00 $540.00

Made up of 3 planks this balance beam takes on the traditional playground equipment.  Designed to increase balance its a staple in any fitness course...


Stretching Post

$540.00 $702.00

This piece is designed to be versatile and allow for a plethora of stretching activities...


Double Dip Bar

$684.00 $888.00

This dip machine is the perfect exercise for both chest and triceps.  This design can accommodate two users at once...


Sit-up Bench

$747.00 $970.00

Ergonomically designed to allow sit-ups, up off the ground.  Your customers will find this a perfect piece for  their exercise routines...


Triple Bar Pull Ups

$750.00 $1,068.00

The Triple Bar Pull Up machine is perfect for all fitness levels.  WIth three heights, users can find the perfect fit...


Parallel Bars

$788.00 $1,024.00

Parallel bars are utilized to perform a wide range of exercises.  Utilize it for stretching, upper body, or lower body exercises...


Cardio Glider

$790.00 $1,026.00

The Cardio Glider offers an aerobic exercise while toning.  Perfect for hitting a full body workout!..


Row Rider

$790.00 $1,026.00

Perform a full body workout while on the row rider.  Take a set and row away!  This exercise uses the users body weight and performs both weight training and aerobic. ..


Exercise Ladder

$854.00 $1,110.00

This exercise ladder will spice up any routine. Used to help achieve a cardio workout, this piece can also be used for stretching...


Row Machine

$1,088.00 $1,414.00

Rowers are the perfect exercise. Great for cardio while simultaneously toning the upper body...


Eliptical Glide

$1,159.00 $1,506.00

Designed for guests who are 13 and older, this eliptical glide provides a great cardio workout. Made from commercial grade material, this glider is perfect for you HOA, Campground, or RV park...


Double Eliptical Glider

$1,160.00 $1,508.00

Use this glider for a great aerobic workout that utilizes all the muscles in your body and aids in weight loss. Up to 2 people can use the glider. ..


Double Glider

$1,185.00 $1,540.00

Take on your cardio with the Double Glider.  Use alone or crush your workout with a friend...


Double Leg Press

$1,324.00 $1,720.00

When it comes time to hit the lower body, the double leg press is up to the challenge. Using your own body weight, this machine will surely take you to the next level...


Horizontal Ladder

$1,390.00 $1,806.00

Upper body workouts have met their challenge.  With multiple uses including pull ups this is a perfect match for your fitness course...


Double station Sit up

$1,654.00 $2,150.00

Take your friend and hit your abs.  Perfect for multiple users or by yourself...


Double station Chest Press

$2,277.00 $2,960.00

Utilizing your own body weight the Double Chest press gives you and awesome chest workout.  With the ability to use individually or with a friend...


Double station Lat Pull

$2,308.00 $3,000.00

Help to strenghten your back and upper body by utilizing the double station lat pull.  Perfect for multiple users or by yourself. ...

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