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Outdoor Benches

Outdoor Benches

Outdoor Benches

Whether your in need of a plastic outdoor bench for a park or a portable bench to accompany your sports field sidelines. Outdoorsiness.com has selected only the best options for your commercial park benches to fit your needs. Our high-quality outdoor benches for parks and recreation, playgrounds, parks and more are fit for any commercial setting.  You will find benches that are perfect for playground areas, dog parks, park or cit paths and more.

Our benches use only the highest-quality steel or recycled plastic on each outdoor park bench allowing for extended longevity and durable comemrcial use.  You can feel confident that our commercial benches will stand up to all environments and settings.  We even have Kids Benches that hold up to daily usage.

Our outdoor benches are perfect for parks, playgrounds, schools, churches, common areas and city centers. No matter the size, style or quantity, we can help you find the perfect match.  Some of our most popular outdoor benches are with or without a back, a playground benches, bench kits and kids benches.

At Outdoorsiness, we believe that commercial benches shouldn’t have a commercial price.  We choose only the best outdoor park benches at an affordable. price. Just choose one of our aluminum, steel or plastic commercial outdoor benches for sale or add it to a quote.

Contact us today to learn more about all of our park equipment and to get started on completing your outdoor play area.


Rectangular Bench Without Back - Expanded Metal

$244.00 $287.00

This Rectangular Bench is lightweight and easily transports wherever you choose to place it. Designed with two thick steel legs to help support the seat and the bases can be bolted onto concrete, impl..


Rectangular Bench Without Back - Punched Metal

$250.00 $293.00

This Rectangular Bench is lightweight and easily transports wherever you choose to place it. Designed with two thick steel legs to help support the seat and the bases can be bolted onto concrete, ..


Punched Steel Stacking Chair

$264.00 $310.00

With a honeycomb like pattern and made from galvanized steel tubing and sturdy sheet metal, this chair is sturdy and comfortable. Coated in durable thermoplastic, the metal is protected from weat..


Traditional Park Bench With Back - Diamond Pattern

$382.00 $449.00

The Traditional Bench with back has a classic and durable design with a steel frame. In-ground mounting options are available, as well as surface mounts and portable mounts.  A portable base i..


Traditional Park Bench With Back -Punched Steel

$396.00 $465.00

The Traditional Bench with back is designed from sturdy commercial grade steel. Designed to have a separation between the seat and back, it helps to minimize the bulkiness while still making the be..


Rolled Edge Bench With Back - Expaned Metal

$531.00 $624.00

The Rolled Edge Bench are made from a durable steel that is lightweight and comfortable to sit on. This bench can be permanently mounted with in-ground or surface mounts. A portable base option is als..


Single Pedestal Bench - Diamond Pattern

$546.00 $642.00

The Single Pedestal Bench seat and back is made from thick galvanized steel and supported by sturdy pedestal posts. To extend the durability of the bench, Industry Standard or Advantage coatings ar..


Rolled Edge Bench With Back - Punched Steel

$584.00 $687.00

The Rolled Edge Bench is made from steel with a pattern of circular holes, which help to keep the bench cool and lightweight. A portable mount option is available to place the bench in various place o..


Steel Ribbed Classic Bench

$585.00 $688.00

The Steel Ribbed Classic Bench is designed to be both comfortable for guests to sit on and to look stylish as an outdoor bench. Two armrests on either side of the bench assist in making the bench m..


Standard Metal Sloped Bench - Expanded Steel

$646.00 $760.00

The Standard Metal Sloped Bench is designed with a curve and armrests on both sides to comfortably seat your guests. In order to give a stylish appearance, the seat and back are connected and the to..


Pipe Bench with Back - Slatted Steel

$689.00 $810.00

As far as design goes, the Slatted Steel Pipe Bench With Back is sleek and modern. This bench is made up of a rounded pipe frame,  which give it modern, yet very strong appeal The seat of the ben..


Steel Ribbed Keystone Bench

$808.00 $950.00

The Steel Ribbed Keystone Bench is elegantly and stylishly designed to aesthetically enhance your campground, park, or HOA. Made from durable steel, this bench is comfortable to sit on as it Is mad..


Punched Steel Pipe Bench

$871.00 $1,024.00

This Steel Pipe Bench With Back has a convenient and comfortable design. The pipe framework of this bench is made from rounded support pipes that all create a sturdy design. The back itself is made ..


Double Pedestal Bench - Diamond Pattern

$907.00 $1,067.00

The Double Pedestal Bench offers double the seating due to pair of benches designed to be back to back. Square steel columns support the benches and make the bench sturdy and durable...

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