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Looking for the best outdoor playground equipment for your parks and recreation, community, church, shool or campground?  Outdoorsiness.com, offers an impressive selection of commercial playground equipment for all your needs. Here you will find high-quality commercial play equipment that is not only affordable but dependable and safe! We continue to carry cutting edge and unique playground equipment as well as traditional play equipment. We are committed to selling only commerical outdoor play equipment that will meet all your needs.

Only The Best Children’s Playground Equipment and Outdoor Play Structures

We carry a selection of the best playground equipment essential pieces, such as:

  •  Play systems
  •  Spring bouncers
  •  Swing sets
  •  ADA Accessible equipment
  •  Balance toys
  •  Climbing structures
  •  Crawl tubes
  •  Free standing spinners
  •  Free standing panels
  •  Games
  •  Slides

Regardless,  of your outside play equipment needs, we are sure to have what you need! We are here to help you construct a fun and high-quality public playground.  Our commercial equipment for sale includes everything you need for your commercial setting. Our best selling playground equipment include traditional pieces such as swing sets, spring bouncers, and slides. We also offer commercial playground sets to fit all range of needs such as size, age, or limitations.  Our themed play park equipment can help set any playground apart from the rest. When browsing outoorsiness's commercial-grade playground equipment online, dont hesitate to ask if you need custom playground equipment as our designers are on standby to help!

What’s the Cost of Commercial Playground Equipment?

Due to manufacturing standards required in the development of most public playgrounds, the costs of park playground equipment can be quite high elsewhere. But at PlaygroundEquipment.com, we offer competitive school playground equipment prices. An entire playground may cost anywhere from $8,000 to $70,000, while individual components may be as little as $200.

Why Shop for Commercial Play Structures at Outdoorsiness?

Safety Standards

Our outdoor play structures are designed to ensure safe play. The playground equipment online abide by all federal and consumer guidelines to ensure saftey: All of our commercial playgrounds are IPEMA  tested and meet ASTM and CPSC standards. You can rest assure that we sell only the safest and best industrial playground equipment.


At Outdoorsiness.com, we make ordering playground equipment online simple. We will gladly provide free estimates within and offer quick turn around with our in-stock equipment. Installation is easy, too. Our customer service team is here for you and happy to assist with any questions.

When ordering with us, you can rest easy knowing you have  found not only safe playground equipment but an affordable solution for their community or organization.