Trash Cans

Trash Cans

Outdoor Trash Cans and Trash Receptacles

No outdoor park or recreation area is complete without commercial trash cans. A small but essential pieces of park equipment that contribute to a clean and clutter free park.  We understand that your park or playground area is important and keeping it clean should be too.  Outdoorsiness has a large selection of durable trash cans for sale as well as all the needed accessories like tops, mounts, trash liners, and more.  Our outdoor trash receptacles come in many options and can be made to match your current look and feel.

Trash cans help facilitate responsible disposal of garbage that can reduce staff clean up and keep litter out of our parks.  Outdoor trash cans do their job by decreasing trash litter and ultimately better for the environment.  Mating trash cans next to a picnic area, campfire grill, campsite or sports bench can impact the look and make for a cleaner park or play area.

Outdoorsiness has the best playground trash cans online and ample park equipment to complement your purchase. You can also buy accessories for your outdoor garbage receptacle, like trash can tops, to ensure a complete package. Contact us by email or request a quote online for help in selecting the best outdoor trash receptacles for your needs.


32 Gallon Plastic Liner

$42.00 $49.00

This is the perfect compliment to any of our 32 gallon trash receptacles.  Made of a high quality plastic and resistant to damage.  This is a must have for to complete your waste management...


In Ground Mount for Trash Receptacle

$62.00 $72.00

This product contains all needed hardware to permanently mount our trash receptacles...


Surface Mount for Trash Receptacle

$62.00 $72.00

Prevent spills or theft with this surface mount attachment.  This can be used on any of our trash receptacles...


32 Gallon Flat Top Lid

$119.00 $140.00

Simple yet effective.  This trash can lid is a great compliment to any of our trash receptacles.  Flat top with a wide hole makes disposal easy! No trash receptacle is complete without th..


32 Gallon Steel Dome Lid

$128.00 $148.00

If your looking for a single color trash can and lid this is the perfect choice.  Made of steel, its extremely solid and available in multiple colors. No trash receptacle is complete without t..


32 Gallon Plastic Dome Lid

$129.00 $148.00

Our best selling lid made of high quality plastic and comes with a auto closing flap lid.  This dome lid is resistant to damage, denting, chipping and perfect for any high traffic area.  ..


Expanded Metal Ashtray Pylon

$144.00 $169.00

Our expanded Steel Ashtray Pylon by MyTCoat is a great way to keep cigarette litter off the ground.  Cigarettes trash can lead to health risks for younger visitors and wilde life in the area.&nbs..


Punched Steel Ashtray Pylon

$159.00 $187.00

Our punched Steel Ashtray Pylon by MyTCoat is a great way to keep cigarette litter off the ground.  Cigarettes trash can lead to health risks for younger visitors and wilde life in the area. ..


Executive Lantern Post - Lantern Hanger

$185.00 $217.00

High quality commercial Lantern Post Pylon.  Perfect for any RV park, backyard or campground. Can be used as a bird feeder holder as well!  Allow your campers to light up the night with thei..


32 Gallon Trash Receptacle - Diamond

$240.00 $282.00

High quality commercial trash receptacle with thermoplastic coated steel. Our best selling receptacle, this is perfect for any RV park or campground. Receptacle only! Don't forget the liner & l..


32 Gallon Trash Receptacle - Perforated Steel

$317.00 $372.00

MyTCoat 32 Gallon Punched Steel Trash Receptacle from MyTCoat is the perfect trash receptacle.  Perforated Metal brings strength and style to our trash receptacles.   These receptacles ..


MyTCoat 32 Gallon Coned Trash Receptacle with Lid

$496.00 $583.00

This is a trendy and stylish way to managing trash.  Our 32 Gallon Coned Trash Receptacle by MyTCoat is the perfect addition to any outdoor picnic area, trail, or park.   It's distinct shape..


Dog Park Trash Can

$526.00 $638.00

This 32 gallon waste managment system is perfectly designed to fit your dog park.  This puppy themed trash can is available in multiple color options and comes with a flat top lid and liner. The ..


32 Gallon Side Opening Trash Receptacle

$733.00 $862.00

High quality with a timeless design.  This trash receptacle has a side opening lid for ease of access and disposal.  Our commercial trash can is designed to be convenient for both your guest..

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