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Punched Steel Stacking Cafe Chair

$264.00 $310.00

With a honeycomb like pattern and made from galvanized steel tubing and sturdy sheet metal, this chair is sturdy and comfortable. Coated in durable thermoplastic, the metal is protected from weat..


Rectangle Utility Table - Punched Steel

$460.00 $541.00

The Utility Table offers multiple uses for indoor or outdoor use. Conveniently, this table is available in various lengths ranging from four to eight feet. A thermoplastic coating covers the table sur..


Rectangular Park Bench Without Back - Punched Metal

$250.00 $293.00

This Rectangular Bench is lightweight and easily transports wherever you choose to place it. Designed with two thick steel legs to help support the seat and the bases can be bolted onto concrete, impl..


Rectangle Portable Picnic Table - Punched Steel

$677.00 $796.00

This versatile picnic table is perfect for your campground, park, or RV Park. Designed from American steel and a durable coating, this picnic table is made to last.  Our best selling table is use..


Traditional Park Bench With Back -Punched Steel

$396.00 $465.00

The Traditional Steel Park Bench with Back is made of a commercial grade steel that is punched giving it a sturdy durable quality.  The holes allow water to drain through the outdoor bench so it ..


Punched Steel Pipe Bench

$871.00 $1,024.00

This Steel Pipe Bench With a Back has a convenient and comfortable design. The pipe framework of this bench is made from rounded support pipes that all create a sturdy design. The back itself is made ..


Rolled Edge Park Bench With Back - Punched Steel

$620.00 $729.00

The Rolled Edge Park Bench is made from steel with a pattern of circular holes, which help to keep the bench cool and lightweight. A portable mount option is available to place the bench in various pl..


Nexus Square Picnic Table - Punched Steel

$1,040.00 $1,223.00

The Nexus Square Picnic Table is designed so every seat is supported by its own column and then is connected to the central beam in the middle. The outdoor picnic table seats are well-supported and st..


Punched Steel Ashtray Pylon

$159.00 $187.00

Our punched Steel Ashtray Pylon by MyTCoat is a great way to keep cigarette litter off the ground.  Cigarettes trash can lead to health risks for younger visitors and wilde life in the area. ..


Round Solid Top Portable Picnic Table - Punched Steel

$1,155.00 $1,358.00

The Round, Solid Top picnic table will complement any area and is portable. With a design that will last, the solid top is complemented with sturdy expanded metal seats.  Both are covered in a th..


Independant Pedestal Rectangle Picnic Table - Punched Steel

$1,114.00 $1,310.60

The Independent Pedestal Rectangle Outdoor Picnic Table is create to maximum leg space.  Our commercial picnic table offers less frame and more leg room for guests and their belongings. The metho..

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